Home Fire Escape Checklist
Every home and workplace should have a fire escape plan. Accidental Home fires by their very nature can catch people unawares. Without an escape plan you are placing your life and your families' lives in jeopardy. For a safer home regularly practice the following escape tips.
Know two safe ways out of every room
Draw your escape plan on paper and discuss your escape plan with your family
As you evacuate make sure you close internal doors behind you
Decide on a safe outside meeting place eg front gate
Make sure that your windows and doors can quickly open if and when required
Install smoke alarms: test them regularly and change the batteries at least every year
Smoke alarms can alert you to a fire, an escape plan can then help get you out alive
Practice your escape plan regularly
If there is a fire in your home, do not wait, EVERY SECOND COUNTS, evacuate immediately and then call 000 from a neighbours home
Every home and workplace should have a fire escape plan and remember to make sure you regularly practice your plan - click on the plan below to see full size.
For more information contact your local CFS Station