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April 2018
Smoke Sightings! - What's Going On?

Even though Summer is over, the Fire Danger Season is still active in the Mount Lofty Ranges. You may see smoke plumes around the area, so what’s going on? DEWNR may undertake hazard reductions in local Conservation Areas and Farmers may undertake burning off in their stubble paddocks but will need to seek permission via the Council – they do however have some obligations.

  1. They must still seek a permit from the local council Fire Prevention Officer – Schedule 9 for lighting fires during the fire danger season.
  2. This schedule identifies the obligations they need to abide by which includes the notification of the local brigade on the day of their intention to burn.

The challenge for some of us when we see smoke plumes is that the smoke may look closer than it actually is, and in some cases it’s not even in the Barossa Council area.

So, what do you do? If you look on the CFS website it will list current burn-offs, but if you are still concerned, you can ring 000 and ask for Adelaide Fire Service. Based on the information you provide them, they may be able to give information of burn-offs in the area. If no burn-offs are listed, then they will usually ask you a number of questions and respond the appropriate Fire Brigade to investigate the incident.



Please remember that the Fire Danger Season for the Mount Lofty Ranges is still current until the 30th April 2018.


Chimney / Flue Fire Prevention

Now that we are experiencing some cooler weather, you may be looking at lighting your combustion heater.

Now is a good time to check if the flue or chimney needs cleaning!

A pre-winter check for wood-heaters includes:


  • Call a local Chimney Sweep to clean and maintain the flue or purchase a flue brush available from most local hardware stores.
  • Check the flue for corrosion, particularly the sections that are out of sight and in the roof space.
  • Check that the flue is central in the heat shield to protect the wall from heat and check the flue cowling for any corrosion or evidence of birds nesting on the cowling.

Before lighting your wood heater, consider the distance to the nearest flammable materials, like a lounge, cupboard or curtains. Has something been moved closer to the wood-heater over Summer that may now present a danger?  If you are unsure on what is a safe distance, consult the Operators Manual or check with the wood-heater manufacturer.

If a fire starts within the home, call 000 and request the local Fire Service immediately and ensure all occupants are out of the home, accounted for and safe.

New Members!

Recently we had three new members join Lyndoch CFS and an additional member moved from a cadet member to a full Fire-Fighter.

The three new members completed the BFF1 Firefighters Course on March 16th, 17th and 18th

Well Done to our four new Fire-Fighters to our Brigade.

  • Alex Barry
  • Sam Brighurst
  • Luke Stansborough
  • Jye Dobbs

Awesome Effort, Guys!



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Reuben Batten (Brigade Liaison Officer)

For all other enquires please contact:
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