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February 2018

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February 2018
Be Prepared - Be Ready! ... Bushfire Safety

  • Are you and your family bushfire ready?
  • Know and understand your bushfire risk.
  • Home and Property Preparation.
  • Prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan for yourself and your family.
  • Understand Fire Regulations.
  • Plan to Survive on Fire Danger Days.
  • Understand Bushfire Warnings.
  • Plan to Survive at home, work and on holidays.

Contact the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361 or visit

CFS Fact Sheet - Prepare - Act - Plan to Survive (Click the link to see the information)


Restrictions During the Fire Season

If you are planning to cook outside then please note that gas or electric barbeques can still be used on a Total Fire Ban providing it meets the following requirements:

  • It is within 15 metres of a domestic premises.
  • The BBQ is clear of all flammable materials to a distance of 4 metres.
  • A person that is able to control the fire is in attendance at all times until the fire is extinguished.
  • An appropriate extinguisher (or extinguishing agent) is kept on hand.

A solid fuel BBQ (one that uses fuel such as wood, charcoal or heat-beads) cannot be used on a Total Fire Ban day unless you obtain a Schedule 10 Permit.

During the Fire Danger Season (1st December 2017 to 30th April 2018):

  • NO Lighting of Outside Fires (Penalties Apply) Contact the Council.

Contact the Barossa Council 8563 8444
or visit for a fact sheets


We are always looking for new Fire-Fighters / Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining, please come along on any Wednesday training night and we are more than happy to spend some time talking to you and showing you what we have to offer.

Also, feel free to contact the Brigade Captain.



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For more information regarding Recruiting, please contact:
Reuben Batten (Brigade Liaison Officer)

For all other enquires please contact:
Neville Kies (Captain) on 0417 245 128