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June 2018
Winter Fire Safety

Does your family dry clothes in front of the heater?

Radiant heat from domestic heaters will readily ignite fabrics particularly synthetics, including clothes, towels and curtains. Please ensure that:

  • If damp clothes are dried overnight in front of a slow combustion heater that they are kept at least two meters from direct radiant heat.
  • Freestanding heaters are placed so that they cannot be accidentally tipped over or bumped up against furniture or curtains.
  • A fire screen is used in front of an open fire to reduce the risk of a fire being started from sparks or a piece of timber rolling out of the fire.

Do you have candles burning in your home?

If so, please observe basic precautions which include:

The candleholder is solid enough and stable enough to hold the candle securely.

  • Not leaving candles unattended near soft furnishings or curtains.
  • Not using candles as night-lights for children.
  • Making sure candles are extinguished before you leave the room.
  • Make sure candles are extinguished before you go to sleep.
Have you checked your electric blankets?

Each winter electric blankets cause a number of house fires. Some of the causes are:

  • Frayed wiring at the controller or where wiring is attached to the mattress. If you see frayed wiring, don’t use the electric blanket.
  • Damaged internal wiring which can result from electric blankets being stored with tight folds, which damages the insulation around the heating coils.
  • Electric blankets left switched on for extended periods. The heat build up can be enough to ignite the mattress or bedclothes.


House / Structure Fires

Besides a fully functional Smoke Detector – there are other items of fire safety equipment that are useful to have around the house.

These are a Fire Blanket and a Fire Extinguisher

A Fire Blanket is useful in the kitchen for dealing with hot oils on the stove that are contained within the pot. Once the item has been covered the fuel source should be turned off and the Fire Service called. A Fire Blanket is usually a single use device and can cost as little as $20.00

A small Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is another useful piece of equipment which can be used on a majority of the combustible materials, fuels and electrical fire that may occur either in the home or in the car or caravan. A small 1kg to 2.5kg extinguisher is all that is needed. One in the shed may also be useful. A small extinguisher may cost as little as $30.00.



We need additional members trained up before the next Fire Danger Season

If interested please come down to our Station on any Wednesday night and talk to Jacque

or call our Brigade Captain
Neville Kies on 0147 245 128


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