The CFS can offer positions such as:
  • Fire fighter
  • Radio Operation
  • Catering
  • Administration Support
  • Operational Support
  • Community Education
  • Fundraising
What will it cost me?

Basically your time and dedication

Volunteers are expected to attend Brigade training sessions that usually occur on a weekly basis. You will be told how much time you are expected to commit when you speak with your local Brigade.

As a CFS volunteer you are not expected to pay for your protective clothing uniform. You will be provided with all the training and equipment necessary to undertake your role.

How do I become a volunteer?

If you would like to join the CFS please look in the telephone book for the number of your nearest CFS brigade to find out if your local brigade is recruiting.

You can also call CFS Recruitment Hotline on 1300 364 587 or send an e-mail to

What will happen next?

Before you are able to join, you must agree to a Confidential Criminal Records Check that is conducted by the South Australian Police.

You can get a copy of the form from your local Brigade. All instructions and postal details are included on the form.

Once the Confidential Criminal Records Check has been undertaken you will receive a letter from the Chief Executive Officer to tell you if you are able to apply to your local Brigade or if your application has been rejected.

If you are able to apply take the letter to the Brigade Captain or Administrative Officer.

Your application to join is voted on by the Brigade members at a General meeting. The Brigade may accept, reject or defer your application.

If you are accepted you will be on probation for six (6) months. During this time you must successfully complete level one fire fighter training.

Opportunities exist within your local CFS Brigade for:
CFS Cadets

If you are between 11 and 18 years old you can join the CFS as a cadet. As a cadet you will be trained by qualified and experienced volunteer fire fighters in:

  • Firefighting skills 
  • Using fire hydrants and hoses 
  • Using ladders Fire extinguishers 
  • Using CFS radios 
  • Map reading 
  • Basic first aid.

CFS Fire fighters

Volunteer Fire fighters are trained to deal with all kinds of emergencies including:

  • Bush and grass fires
  • Structural fires
  • Storm damage and floods
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Hazardous chemical spills
  • Industrial accidents

CFS Operational Support

Operational Support members provide a range of services such as:

  • Radio operations
  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Administration