A Brief Overview

Lyndoch CFS would like to extend its thanks to all those who came to the 30 th Anniversary of the Lyndoch CFS.

The 30th Anniversary celebrations for the Lyndoch CFS were a resounding success. The day saw a display of CFS equipment both past and present as well as a display of past and present Appliances. The original EFS / CFS Truck the International took pride of place and received a large amount of attention from members both past and present.

A delicious barbeque was cooked by members and enjoyed by all who were present. A brief overview of the brigades History was followed by a speech from the Brigade Captain Mr Neville Kies. The Chief Officer of the CFS Mr Euan Ferguson also spoke on the CFS and its foundations.

The celebrations were topped off with a cake provided by the Lyndoch Bakery. The day honored the founding members of the Lyndoch Brigade and looked towards a promising future. Thank you to all who attended and those who made the day possible.


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  The Cake
Kindly donated by the Lyndoch Bakery
The Crew of Lyndoch CFS as well as invited Guests (Euan, John, Winston)
The 2 Captains
Neville Kies & Winston Daly by the orginal appliance
30th Anniversary Plaque
Presented by the Chief Officer
The Chief Officer - Euan Ferguson showing us how it's supposed to be done.


Additional Information

Lyndoch CFS History - 30 Years (1979 - 2009) (1.2Mb - PDF Document)
Celebrating 30 Years of the Lyndoch CFS

History Committee: Richard SANDERS, Jacque EDWARDS, Luke CHAMERLAIN

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