A Brief Overview

Lyndoch 34P has arrived. You may have noticed a new appliance around Lyndoch Station. The appliance arrived on June 9th . The appliance came with a standard set of equipment and over the past couple of week's additional equipment removed off the old appliance has been added. Lyndoch 34P is the primary response vehicle for Structure Fires and Vehicle Accidents holding the brigades Breathing Apparatus and Road Crash Rapid Intervention Equipment.

As a requirement for the new vehicle, 8 of the regular drivers were required to undertake a driver familiarisation session and undertake a ½ day driving session with an external driving instructor to ensure that they were confident with the handling of the vehicle and still had a sound understanding of the driving rules governing them and other drivers on the road. As a result you may see an increased presence of Lyndoch 34P on the road as drivers regularly take the appliance for driver training around the surrounding areas.


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The workhorse of Lyndoch for the past 18 years - Lyndoch 34 It's replacement - Lyndoch 34P Lyndoch 34P


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