A Brief Overview

Starting with a second-hand 6x4 trailer provided by the CFS, Lyndoch volunteer Glyn Schirmer has designed and built a Pump Trailer which will be housed at the Lyndoch CFS Station.

Over 500 hours were spent on the project which has been funded by the Lyndoch Brigade using volunteer generated funds.

The equipment included in the Pump Trailer allows for flexible operation including assisting with fire fighting operations and flooding.

Key equipment includes:

  • Two portable pumps each with a capacity of approximately 1000 litres per minute.
  • Floating foot-valves to access clean water in dams and other open water.
  • Removable foot-valves to access tanks and confined spaces.
  • A 5000 litre portable dam.
  • Generator and floodlights to allow night-time operation.

The Pump Trailer complements existing appliances and the Barossa Group's recently delivered BWC 13, a bogie drive tanker with a capacity of 13000 litres and a 7000 litre portable dam.

The flexible design of the Pump Trailer provides an opportunity to release appliances from pumping duties at static water supplies.

The combined capacity of the two portable dams will release the tanker to transport water and improve turnaround when water has to be trucked into an incident. The tanker can drop its water into the portable dams and the Pump Trailer pumps can then be used to fill the appliances.

Lyndoch CFS brigade would like to thank Air Diffusion Agencies for supplying custom built metal boxes and cladding for the trailer. This was a very significant contribution to the project.

Updated: 31/03/2010


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Additional Information
6 x 4 trailer, coupling keys, plate cover keys and a standpipe organised through Andy Warner (Region 2 ROPO) - February 2010